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The Best Cat Toys

Cats love to play, and we love our cats, so it stands to reason that there’s a great choice of cat toys available for us to spoil our pampered pussies. Kittens are one of the only creatures which are actively encouraged by their Mom to “play with their food” so many cat toys are designed to encourage exactly that type of behavior . . . mouse shaped cat toys have always been extremely popular with cat lovers and cats alike. So which types of cat toys are there to choose from? Which are the best? Which will encourage puss to play and discourage him from wrecking the soft furnishings (a bored cat is very often a destructive cat).

Ball of Wool Cat Toy

We’ve all seen pictures of naughty kittens getting tangled up in Granny’s ball of knitting wool right? That just goes to prove that cat toys do not need to be expensive, playful cats will play with just about anything they can get their claws in to, often very much to Granny’s displeasure.

Furry Mouse Cat Toys

You can make them yourself, or you can buy one ready made. These days the ultimate mouse cat toys which every cat simply “must have” are available in a choice of colors – black, white or gray are popular, and very often covered in very life-like faux fur. If they have the added bonus of being stuffed with catnip then no self respecting cat will be able to resist the temptation to play with such an interesting cat toy.

I’m not sure that the dining table is the best place to choose to groom your cat . . . dinner invitation . . . no thanks, I’m busy that day . . . .


Cat Charmer Cat Toys

Cat toys which encourage the cat to chase and dance after something are almost as much fun for the person doing the “flicking” as they are for the cats themselves. A simple flexible wand with something colorful and floaty attached to the end (something as simple as a long piece of ribbon or a couple of brightly colored feathers are all it takes) can give you . . . and your cat hours of fun. A simple flick of the wrist and your cat or kitten can pull off gymnastic moves like you’ve never imagined!


Cat Toys With Suction Cups

Cat toys are also available which are very similar to the above cat charmers, except you don’t need to be involved in the game. Danglers attached to rods which are fitted with suction cups on the end can provide kitty with hours of fun whilst you’re busy doing something else, shame to miss out on all that fun though.

Cat Tunnel Cat Toys

You know those brightly colored tunnels you can buy to encourage your toddler to crawl through and play “peek-a-boo”, well you can buy those for your cat too. These cat toys are often made from a soft, durable shell with something like a faux fur covering, but often have a crinkly lining for a bit of added fun. You can dangle toys inside to make the experience even more adventurous . . . some cats are just spoiled!

Cat Tents Filled With Cat Toys

What else can you buy for the cat who has everything – a cat tent filled with cat toys. Now steady on and don’t judge . . . this is actually a really good idea.  Mesh cat tents can provide a safe environment for pussy to get outside and have a little fresh air and exercise, whilst keeping him safe from harm – traffic, running away, getting stuck up trees, other cats.  Hmmm, I bet you’re considering buying one for Felix now aren’t you, so that he can go out to play in his mesh tent.


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